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CHK Nutrition is located just outside of Duluth, MN, near the shores of beautiful Lake Superior.  We are a nutritional supplement company serving the needs of healthcare professionals by offering scientifically researched products that are manufactured in the United States and meet the highest of quality standards.

Our company was established in 2005, but it evolved from research started in 1995. In 1999, based on our scientific research, the NeuroReplete formulation was established. At the time, the early CHK Nutrition founders hired a company that provided products for a number of well-known brands to manufacture and distribute our patented formulas. However, the lack of direct control meant that it was difficult to guarantee the quality and availability of the products, the reliability of service, and the selection of specialized ingredients (such as our naturally sourced 40% Mucuna Pruriens). By taking control of our manufacturing and distribution, we have been able to hold to our original vision of offering healthcare professionals scientifically researched and clinically supported nutritional products sourced from the highest quality ingredients.

What’s in a Name?

The CHK in CHK Nutrition stand for Clinical Health and Knowledge. Our name is our promise. We promise to provide the highest quality products and information supported by scientific research.

So, what’s in our name? It’s the knowledge that your health and wellness is supported by scientifically researched, premium nutrients which doctors throughout the world have been selecting for years.

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