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At CHK Nutrition, we are pleased so many healthcare providers and their patients have confidence in our premium products. We work continuously to maintain this trust by addressing all aspects of manufacturing, handling and the delivery of our products.

Our scientific research has been a critical part of providing the best nutrient support possible. Early in our research project, it became clear that not all products were produced with the same level of quality. Patients experienced very different health support when nutritional brands were changed.

While the quality, safety and reliability of the nutritional supplement industry has improved with greater oversight, we believe it is necessary to find ways to ensure that we exceed expectations. We work hard to stay current with research on ingredients, manufacture techniques and nutritional support.

Our dedication to quality, safety and reliability is ingrained as part of our character, it goes back to our early days of research and we will never say, “it’s good enough.”

Premium Product Quality and Five Areas of Focus

Ingredient Quality

Consistency and quality start at the beginning of any manufacturing process. To ensure we have the highest quality raw ingredients we stay in contact with our suppliers and the products they are providing. We make sure our ingredient suppliers pay attention to the de-tails. These details include testing, accurately reporting their certificate of analyses, hygienic practices.

Even with the promise that a supplier is vetted, all ingredients (active and inactive) products are still held (quarantined) until each is verified and confirmed safe.

The Highest Manufacturing Expectations

We maintain a quality agreement with our manufacturing company that outlines our expectations. We have access to the records pertaining to each of our products. With each product lot we can confirm that all checks and rechecks at each step of the manufacturing process have been executed.

Our compliance auditor, we conducts regular on-site audits of our manufacturing facility. This audit is in addition to the independent third-party audit conducted by NSF and multiple other organizations that confirm compliance with certifications.

All raw materials are bought at our specifications, they must not contain unwanted contaminants and must meet our purity and extraction requirements. They are tested to ensure exact product identification, inspected, then quarantined to ensure quality prior to being released for production. Also, random samples of our products are pulled throughout the production process and tested in the lab.

Testing Every Batch

The proof is in the pudding, and the five different test for every batch of product allow us to say we have a premium line of supplements.

  • Raw Ingredients - All of our raw materials, both active and inactive, are tested for purity, as well as contaminants. We want our products to contain exactly what we promise and nothing more.

  • Testing during the manufacturing - Every batch is tested for consistency. We want one pill to be as consistent as the next.

  • Finished product testing - Every batch is tested to ensure that consistency, purity, and conformity have been maintained. In addition, our products are tested to ensure no microbiological contamination was introduced during the manufacturing of our product. We want to ensure that you receive what we promise.

  • Independent third party testing - Before CHK Nutrition products ships to our customers, each completed lot is evaluated by an independent testing facility to verify that product specifications fall within the approved guidelines. This independent testing is our double check that we are ensuring that you receive what we promise.

  • Stability testing - We have conducted stability testing on our products to ensure that what is on the label will still be in the bottle when the product expires. We want our products to be as reliable on the last day of recommended use as the first day. No products will be approved for sale unless they pass all of our testing expectations.

Manufactured in the U.S.A.

What Manufactured in the United States Means for You

Manufacturing companies in the United States must follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). These practices are intended to protect the consumer by creating systems that seek to prevent the addition of incorrect ingredients, the use of incorrect amounts of the desired ingredient, prevention of contamination, improper handling, packaging, labeling or storage of a product.

Scientific Research

How Scientific Research Supports Quality

Our company was founded by medical doctors focused on offering their patients scientifically researched, premium nutrients at a time when nutritional supplement research was still in its infancy. But, the problem was greater than just research. Even when research found promise for a nutrient, many times it was difficult to find products that contained what they promised or weren’t at risk of being contaminated.

From this desire, our lead medical doctor at the time reached out to like-minded doctors and scientists to design our current formulations. Research and evaluation continue to ask the question, “Are these nutrients the best way to support brain, gut and overall health?”

With this question, we seek to consider quality, consistency, purity, and satisfaction with overall health support.