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Introduction and Overview

Our company was founded by medical doctors focused on research and offering their patients premium nutrients based on the most current scientific and medical knowledge. 

The research was started in 1995, the formulations became available in 1999. Our original research focused on creating a formulation that could support brain health in a way that was reproducible. For over 20 years, providers in the United States (and around the world) have used our comprehensively researched formulations to support their patients’ brain, gut, and overall health.

What Our Formulations Offer

When life’s demands and the resources available to manage those demands do not match, the brain may struggle to cope with these challenges. As a result, some people may feel unfocused, overwhelmed and rundown. For some, the demands may cause periodic GI upset. Whatever, the reason, many people benefit from additional support for when life is busier, more challenging, physically more demanding, or simply because they want their body to be nutrient ready.

Who Often Benefits from Amino Acid Supplements 

PROFESSIONALS – Thinking needs to be quick, clear, and accurate in an environment of deadlines and results. 

HECTIC LIFE – Those that feel there is not enough time to always eat healthy meals, may feel run down. 

HEALTHY LIFERS – Balanced nutrients to support a long-term view of brain health by better supporting today’s nutrient needs. When life’s demands are high, the brain’s ability to communicate and function effectively can be negatively impacted. This may affect your overall mental and physical wellbeing.

Balanced Amino Acid Nutrients and Scientific Research to Support Normal Health 

CHK Nutrition’s amino acid nutrients

  • Provide balanced nutrients to support normal neurotransmitter levels and overall health
  • Provide balanced nutrients to support normal brain health
  • Provide balanced nutrients to support a normal, healthy enteric nervous system, which is associated with gastrointestinal health (Gut health)

CHK Nutrition’s amino acid products support normal brain, gut and overall health by providing balanced amino acid nutrients which support serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine.

  • Serotonin is known to control mood, appetite, sleep, memory, learning, and temperature regulation.*
  • Dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine (the catecholamines) are known to control movement, balance, motivation, and the drive for reward.*

*These areas of support represent healthy, normal support and not disease management. 

Using amino acid nutrients to support normal health is not a new practice. Many companies offer products that contain amino acid nutrients. CHK Nutrition’s formulas are different because they address a critical area of brain and neurotransmitter health that many formulas have overlooked – the need for balanced amino acid administration.

Improperly balanced amino acid nutrients may deplete serotonin and/or the catecholamines throughout the body. It is possible to do more harm than good by administering incorrectly balanced amino acid precursors. CHK Nutrition’s amino acid formulas support balanced amino acid administration.

If you are interested in learning more about the need for balanced amino acid nutrients, this information is further covered on the Science Page and in the D5 Dosing Guide.

Our Pledge - Attention to Detail and Quality

At CHK Nutrition, we are pleased so many doctors have confidence in our premium products. We work continuously to maintain this trust by addressing all aspects of manufacturing, handling, and the delivery of our products. We understand the importance of ensuring the integrity of our ingredients. We insist on utilizing the best specifications.

  • We confirm that our products are made to our strict specifications  
  • We take extra measures to ensure that our products are well-managed  
  • We safeguard as much as possible to ensure a continuous and reliable supply

For us, premium supplements involve: 

  • Scientific foundation and research 
  • Continued research for all ingredients and ingredient combinations 
  • Products that contain what they promise 
  • Products free of unwanted byproducts or contaminants 
  • Suppliers that maintain safety, consistency, and quality 
  • Products manufactured in the United States 
  • A quality agreement of expectations and responsibilities with the manufacturing plant 
  • The manufacturing company’s industry reputation, certifications, and the desire to go beyond the expectations that these valued certifications require 
  • Attention to detail within the manufacturing process 
  • Continual oversight of the products 
  • Independent testing of every batch, every time

For more information, visit our Quality Page

*DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). CHK Nutrition’s products are not intended to treat, diagnosis, cure mitigate or prevent any diseases. 
Note: The information presented in this guide is not treatment advice. Healthcare professionals should use their best judgment when caring for their patients.